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Gas Factories: more jobs, lower costs

Blog by Kevin Kurjata | December 17th, 2010

Gas Factories: over the last 2 years, this terminology has become main-stream corporate vocabulary in our region. What exactly is a Gas Factory?  

This is what a multi-well site being completed (= being fractured to enable the natural gas to flow to the surface) in 2010 by CalFrac looked like:

CalFrac frac job

This site illustrates: 
  • a "ton" of high-end technology, 
  • top-notch logistics management and 
  • a lot of jobs, and future opportunity as the development of the resource expands.

CalFrac and other corporations providing well-completion services in the South Peace area are actively collaborating with the major regional producers to reduce the production cost of the natural gas, thereby maintaining the competitive cost position in North America that has been established with Montney-produced gas.

The quality of innovation going on all around us in the South Peace region is world-class, and is evolving to continually reduce costs at every opportunity.

Calfrac and several other firms are moving into Dawson Creek for the long-term. They are elevating the quality of opportunity and quality of life in our community --- while driving costs-to-produce down: a "win-win" all around!

Gas Factories are a big part of South Peace Action: constant innovation by creative, energetic people .... making our energy world a better place to live in!