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Why the big demand for energy?

Blog by Kevin Kurjata | January 11th, 2011

Making sense of the headlines coming out of major Canadian media outlets regarding energy demand can be challenging.

On the one hand is the over-supply of natural gas in the current North American marketplace. On the other hand is the strong demand for energy in emerging markets, projected to be very strong for a few decades.

An exceptional communication, published in early 2010 by ExxonMobil, "Outlook for Energy: a View to 2030", provides thoroughly-documented context for understanding energy issues in North America and world-wide. It focuses on:
  • demand growth
  • consumption
  • the positive impact on poverty in emerging nations
  • sources of supply
  • conservation and efficiency
  • the critically important role of natural gas

This graph illustrates the sectors that require energy, and where the energy supply comes from:

         Exxon energy graphs .70ratio

The increased demand for energy, especially high for natural gas, helps to create and maintain long-term, high-tech jobs in our region.

Natural gas contributes to the quality of our lives here in the South Peace.  It very significantly increases the quality of lives of people working diligently to improve their lot, in emerging nations all around the world.

They want the same things, the same quality of life, that we already have the privilege of enjoying.

South Peace Action in NE BC ... the economic and jobs activity ... is a response to the big picture outlined in this blog. We live in exciting times!